Know thyself

As sure as there is a sky above us and the ground beneath our feet the clock will not stop ticking for anyone. One of the only things guaranteed in this lifetime is the passage of time. With the realization of this obvious truth comes the need to accept understand and adjust to the fact…

Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine: One Country, So Many Regions

Known for its fresh, colourful foods, Italy enjoys some of the most divine dishes and famous recipes in the world. Although Italy did not unite as a country until the 19th century, it’s believed that their cuisine has been developing for centuries and continues to dominate the food market. Not to mention, Italy is one…

Capitalise on Valentines Day

Capitalise on Valentine’s Day with Sharing Dishes

Valentine’s Day is always a busy time of year for restaurants as couples seek to dine out on this romantic day. Catering suppliers need to be ready to provide all the extra equipment required for such a busy period. Restaurants should be ready not only with new menus but also the right romantic atmosphere and…

Doggie days

Doggie days: some fun canine ideas for the weekend

There are lots of fun things to do with your dog at the weekends, including going to the park, playing games, learning tricks, taking a dog training course, going for a run, hiking, visiting a dog grooming salon and going to the beach if you live near enough. One of the most recent doggie treat…

Reclamation items to impress your friends

Reclamation items to impress your friends

Are you trying to find an amazing look for your property? Whether it’s a new build or a traditional building, introducing a few reclaimed items can give it real style. A few carefully chosen items can become a talking point and set the decoration tone for your entire home.