Eating healthily when dining out

Often it can be hard to select something from the menu that is a little bit healthier when it comes to eating out in a nice restaurant. However, many restaurants offer some incredibly tasty healthy meals, if you just know what to look out for.  One of those is the Restaurant Eton based establishment The Christopher

As well as other essential fatty acids and many other nutrients that are required for a balanced body and mind, fish is a great source of Omega 3. If you are unsure which fish to go for, there are some tips available on the safe varieties of fish.

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Salmon – salmon has long been recognised as a fish full of goodness, but there have been arguments back and forth about whether farmed or fresh salmon is better for you. Farmed salmon are known to naturally contain fewer omega-3 fats as well as fewer vitamins and minerals, and to be higher in calories and saturated fats. The price for farmed salmon, however, is considerably cheaper than fresh. So it is better to go for the farmed variety if the choice is between farmed salmon or no salmon at all.

Mackerel – Mackerel is an oily fish that is high in good fats that can help lower blood pressure and decrease the accumulation of fats in the heart arteries. Mackerel can be eaten again as a tinned or fresh variety and during the cooking process you can find them with a range of different flavours added.

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Cod – if you don’t want your fish to be too fishy and are trying to decrease your calorie intake, this is a perfect option. A typical 3 oz portion of cod contains, among other vitamins and minerals, just 1 gramme of fat, about 90 calories, 15 grammes of protein and an enormous amount of vitamin B12, as well as niacin and phosphorus.

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