Seven reasons not to demonize carbohydrates: choose the most appropriate

If there is a controversial nutrient in the human diet, it is undoubtedly the carbohydrates that are the first we usually eliminate when we seek to lose weight. However, we show you seven reasons not to demonize carbohydrates, always choosing the most appropriate of course.

What carbohydrates are and what they are for

The carbohydrates are molecules that for our organism represent one of the three macronutrients with energetic function , being even the most abundant.

In our body they are digested with relative ease depending on whether it is simple or complex hydrates and the company or not of other nutrients. Thus, they result in glucose which is the most used energy molecule by the organs of the human body and what is not used as an energy source at the moment can be stored in the form of glycogen in the liver in limited quantities, or give rise to fats through a more complex process.

Thus, carbohydrates serve primarily as a source of energy for our body and therefore, when we try to lose weight we usually recommend a reduction in their intake as well as when we seek to define and burn fat.

However, there are different types of carbohydrates and some, such as dietary fiber or resistant starch that are not digested in their entirety, can have a regulating function of intestinal transit as well as the energy balance by affecting, among other things. satiety, hunger and obtaining energy from intestinal bacteria.

The reasons for not demonizing them

As we said, there are different types of carbohydrates, among them being responsible for demonizing the added sugars and refined flours that do not favor the health care but can negatively affect and also not needed at all for that the body works properly.

However, generalizing and demonizing all the hydrates is not the most advisable and then we tell you why :

  • They are important to physically perform and recover after physical effortas noted by the FAO because choosing properly the type of hydrates can delay the presence of fatigue as well as recover before an intense physical effort.
  • There are hydrates that can benefit us, such as those of low glycemic index or complex carbohydrates rich in fiber that have been associated in an investigation published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition with an anti-inflammatory effect in our body that could take us away from different metabolic diseases, as well as also, they have been linked to a lower risk of death from different causes .
  • They are popular and versatile so they improve adherence to the diet and make it more flexible . If we think about a diet without carbohydrates we will have to think about a diet without cereals or derivatives of any kind, without vegetables, without fruits or vegetables, something really difficult to realize.
  • Because they favor the release of serotonin , are nutrients that help us relax, reduce anxiety and also produce a pleasant sensation after consumption, a reason why a diet without carbohydrates is really complex to carry out.
  • They preserve the structural function of proteins by serving as an energy source, preventing the muscle from being destroyed in order to obtain fuel. If we eradicate the hydrates from the diet and do not cover the calories we need, the body will not only turn to fats but also to muscle catabolism for energy.
  • They contribute to the mental performance and for that reason, their eradication of the diet can cause alternations as demonstrated by US scientists, among which are low concentration capacity and reduced alertness as well as dizziness and headaches.
  • Its elimination requires control and planning, since it can cause different consequences, therefore, ketogenic diets are only recommended for people trained or under the supervision of a professional, for a limited time.

As we can see, carbohydrates offer many benefits to the organism and its demonization as well as its elimination from the diet is not always the most advisable nor much easier to carry out .

Learn to choose the right hydrates

As we have said, there are different types of hydrates and the main error of the demonization is to generalize , because although it is advisable to reduce simple or refined hydrates such as white flour, starches, starches and added sugars, it is not advisable to eradicate hydrates. integral or dietary fiber.

Thus, it is always essential to establish a distinction and choose the right hydratesto benefit us and not harm us with their consumption. Among them the most recommended are:

  • Whole grain or whole grain cereals that offer many differences and benefits with respect to their same refined versions that have lost much of the germ and all its bran.
  • Legumes that offer complex hydrates and lots of fiber accompanied by vegetable proteins and micronutrients of quality that benefit the health of the organism. In addition, they are low caloric density and low glycemic index.
  • Fruits and vegetables that offer complex carbohydrates and natural sugars accompanied by water, fiber, vitamins, minerals and various antioxidants so they benefit and do not harm health at all.
  • Saved and germ of different cereals are ideal to obtain hydrates accompanied by a lot of fiber, vegetable proteins and variety of nutrients that offer benefits as well as delay the absorption of the first resulting in foods with low glycemic index.
  • Pseudocereals such as quinoa , amaranth or kañiwa are excellent sources of carbohydrates, since in their composition they are very similar to legumes and therefore do not have a high glycemic response or empty calories, but a variety of good nutrients to the body.

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