Some of the best kitchen design blogs

If you’re looking for inspiration for a fresh new kitchen design, there are various blogs dedicated to the subject; staffed by very passionate people who love talking about kitchen interiors and fittings. Here are some to get following straight away:

1. Ideal Home

With a focus on practical suggestions for kitchens of all budgets, the online version of the popular magazine is a great place to get inspiration about kitchen design. The site includes photos of some truly inspiring kitchen design projects.

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2. Trendir

Stuck for ideas? You won’t be by the time you finish reading this website. Trendir is a blog that is packed with inspiration for any modern kitchen decor elements – from cabinets to countertops and shelves. When you know what you want, look to Kitchen Fitters Essex at a site like

3. Decoholic

You’ll find a wealth of ideas for exciting designs – from rustic and Italian to Bohemian chic. For those still trying to identify which style is right for them, Decaholic is a great place to start.

4. House Beautiful

This is a practical and helpful site to follow, providing expert tips on kitchen decor. It takes the reader through a variety of style hints tips and advice submitted by top industry designers.

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5. Wren Kitchens Blog

Written by a team at Wren Kitchens kitchen supplier, this blog has an array of useful buying guides and installation tips for people who want some practical advice. For a variety of good insight into kitchen design, and some tips to follow up, give it a try.

6. Davonport Kitchen Blog

The handmade kitchen supplier Davonport’s blog covers everything you need to know about luxury kitchen design and the blog is updated regularly. You’ll find some great pictures from recent classic kitchens that they’ve installed. While it includes elements of kitchen design styles, there is also practical content such as recipes.

7. The Kitchen Think

Just as you’d expect from the name, this is a blog full of ideas about kitchen design and it’s excellent for those thinking about buying a new kitchen. For functional kitchen ideas, this blog should on your list of reference points.

8. British Style UK

British Style UK is a treasure trove of home and kitchen design ideas. Here you can find a wealth of inspiration on all matters relating to interior home, with a particular emphasis on the kitchen. If you are a designer based in the UK or the owner of the house, there are plenty of tips followed up for more budget-conscious homeowners.

9. Homedit

This is a more general site for all things home related but there is plenty of focus on kitchens for there to be some great ideas and insights. You can rely on Homedit for some very useful tips and tricks, as well as practical advice that can let you know some pitfalls to avoid.

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