Do you have an amazing vintage collection?

Vintage has become the new have to have item. People are shopping for and collecting all manor of vintage items whether it is fashion items, jewellery or some beautiful vintage furniture.

So, what makes something Vintage? Well, like the term heritage it’s pretty much banded about all over the place to describe something old that is considered to be a fine first go. It is a classic of design and form that make the basis for other design that follow. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be clothing. The wraparound dress for example, the standard from the 1940’s as it was easy to make and required little repair has become back into vogue. Then it is seen as a perfect vintage classic design of form and function that last and lasts. It’s not to say it can’t be bettered but the thought is that even with modern techniques and materials we can still retain the existing shape and style

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The best example of this in transport terms is the Mini. When it was first introduced onto British roads it was not considered as being something that the public would want. It was too small etc. However, it was taken to the hearts by the people as it was affordable and looked quite chic. It helped that stars like the Beatles were seen in one. As London became more prosperous and busy the need for small nippy car that could be manoeuvrable and parked easily was a god send. Its fame was forever sealed when it was used in the pinnacle of uber Brit Cool and chic film, The Italian Job. The Mini’s were is used to get the gold out of the traffic choked city of Turin. In some considerable style. If you have a collection of vintage cars as well as other high price items it is worth contacting a High Net Worth Insurance Gloucestershire company such as to ensure you are covered for all eventualities.

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The final example is the Umbrella/Parasol . This was nailed the first time round and is incredible in what can be done with it. The colours and designs mean that apart from the obvious use of the thing to keep off the rain and sun there are so many other options. In the past there were scenes and depictions of classical life elevating the owner to a new talking point as the parasol is exhibited among the social set. As we move through the years this vintage classic has been adapted to advertise things, its used a lot as marketing and promotion gift even to this day.

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