Key Questions to Ask Before Building Your Next Business Website

If you are looking to hire an Essex web design agency to build your next website, it is important to plan before you begin build. Our questions will help you to assess your drivers, measures and objectives for building or improving your business website so that you get the best return on your investment.

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Do You Need a Website?

Some businesses are simply using social media to engage with customers now rather than a website, but the vast majority of businesses will want at least one website, and possibly several digital platforms.

What Are Your Objectives?

This is a vital starting point for any project and a key means for measuring progress and success. You may be building a site to communicate with customers, increase sign-ups, sell or perform another function.

Who Is Your Audience?

This is essential to help you to target your website appropriately and ensure that it’s designed to appeal to that user group as this will differ from other businesses. For example a London Office Cleaning company like will be appealing to different target market to an accountancy firm.

What Functionalities Do You Want Your Website to Perform?

This will depend on the objectives of the website. A simple informational site will need minimal functionalities. More complex e-commerce or membership sites with self service elements will require more complexity.

Are You Planning to Integrate Other Systems?

This is essential to know for cost and development purposes. Typical systems would include a CRM or other customer database.

Do You Have Social Media and Other Digital Assets to Consider?

If you have a business app and social media accounts, then you must consider how all of your digital platforms will work together to give your customers a seamless and logical engagement experience.

Do You Have a Broader Digital Marketing Strategy?

All digital strategies should support broader business marketing strategies and form a key part of the overall approach.

How Will You Project-Manage Your Website Build?

The Agile project methodology is popular for website builds, but there are many different approaches available. It is important to run your project in an organised, well-managed and documented way.



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