A guide to buying second hand parts

It is unfortunately all too common for cars, plant and equipment to have complications and need frequent repairs. Whilst some repairs are simple, others can be both complicated and time-consuming. In addition, according to the value of your vehicle or plant, it might be simply too expensive to buy an entirely new part. This is why buying second hand parts is a smart choice to save money and also benefit the environment.

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What part you need to buy

After identifying the problem, before you acquire any second hand replacement part you’ll need to know the specific part you need. This will need to align with the specific model of vehicle or equipment concerned. On your damaged part, check for a listed serial code. If you have no luck after cleaning the dirt and grease off the part, you should check the Vehicle Identification Number or serial number for the vehicle or equipment. This will provide invaluable information in searching for an appropriate replacement part, whether new or second hand.

Where to buy

After successfully identifying the specific replacement part, you will need to find a specialist vendor. For example, a particular lawnmower may require Briggs and Stratton Parts. Sellers can include online auctions, retailers and scrap yards for larger items of equipment.

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According to Breaker Link, it is common for a second hand replacement part to have a limited warranty of four weeks. Despite this, if the part is particularly expensive or niche, the vendor may offer you a longer warranty, such as three months.

Warranty on your replacement part is important to guarantee you with peace of mind. Taking our example above of Briggs and Stratton parts, new parts will come with a full manufacturer’s warranty whereas second hand parts may require some degree of negotiation.

Items to not buy second hand

There some parts that should always be purchased brand new. These will reduce in quality over time and for your safety and others around you, it is important for them to be fitted new. Brake components, tyres, filters and exhaust systems should all be purchased new.

Making the repair

Depending upon the technical skill required, it is sometimes feasible to make the repair yourself using second hand parts. When doing so, it is important to be careful and follow the owner’s manual and manufacturer’s instructions.

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