Don’t overload your car

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to transport a load of stuff either on holiday, for a house move or down the tip. Rather than go to the expense of hiring a van or ordering a skip many of us elect to use our car. With the seats down there can be quite a lot of room in the car and you might be tempted to think that you’ve suddenly got a Van on your hands instead. This is a big mistake and could be very costly to you and other road users. Do not overestimate how much that car can take.

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Vans and cars share some aspects of design but first and foremost normal family cars are not designed to be loaded up with huge amounts of rubbish. They are designed to take up to 5 people to a destination, with luggage if appropriate, and back again. You might think that the engine acts like a counterweight, but it’s not as heavy as you might think, especially with more modern engines. Also the axles and suspension of the car were built for humans and not bags of rubble.

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Rather than try and break the car in a costly way, or the law, you might want to invest in a trailer and some Trailer Parts from to maintain it. This is perfect when you have to ship a load of items to and fro and can really be a huge saving in costs.

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