Is it time to replace your car?

At some point, your trusty old motor will no longer be safe or economical to run. Perhaps there isn’t much wrong with it aside from age and the fact that you’ve outgrown it. If you can’t possibly part with it, perhaps consider passing it down to one of your children if they are old enough to be learning to drive? For help with Gloucester Car Repairs, visit a site like Swift Fit.

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Whilst you might not be looking forward to the prospect of car shopping, here are ways to make it less stressful:

What are the options?

Do you stick with the familiar or branch out into something new? The choice is mind boggling in today’s market. However, this also means more opportunity for a little research and getting it right first time. The internet makes this much easier. There are now eco versions available, as well as electric and hybrid models to choose from.

What’s your budget?

Are you buying new, used, outright, on credit or leasing? Do your sums, work out what you have available to spend and don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as servicing, potential repair fees, any increase in insurance premiums and fuel costs.

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Do a thorough inspection

Whilst some people are happy to buy cars online, it’s always wise to view the vehicle and examine it for yourself. You’ll want to know if it has rust spots, unusual warning lights flashing or anything else that might feel off to you. You may wish to have an independent mechanic check it over before signing on the dotted line.

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