Not a cars favourite time of year or its owners.

There’s been a lot of commotion in my house and I know the reason why. Every year I get taken along to have my check-up. Its always causing some consternation especially after last year’s debacle. This year though they’ve got it sorted by going to a Gloucester MOT speciality in the shape of where they’ll know that they’ll get some really great service and I won’t get scared when I get jacked up into the air on that lift thingy. Oh, didn’t I mention that I’m the family car? We have feelings to you know. Sit down while I tell you a tale.

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Last year it was all different. I’d not been feeling well for a while and despite me flashing various engine failure and worn brake lights on the dashboard they didn’t take any notice. This was not a very good idea as I really was having a few worn rods issues in my innards plus I noticed that I was having trouble seeing out of my left eye (or headlight as you’d call it). I could see out of my little bottom one (side light to you) but my left was a bit blinky. Goodness knows how they did not notice it when we drove home at night. The side of the road hardly registered at all, it’s a miracle they didn’t hit something or drive confidently into a hedge.

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To top it all off my back-windscreen wiper did not, well, wipe properly. All it did was leave a big old smear on the back of the cars window and you couldn’t see a thing out of it. So much so he almost bumped me into a post at the supermarket like I need to have a scratch on my paintwork.

So, come the big day and off I go to my MOT with the owners thinking that I’ll be fine and that I’ll pass easy enough. How wrong are they. I failed it big time, but it wasn’t my fault and the trouble is they had a bigger bill because if they dealt with the issues there and then I’d not be in for a full change. I really hope that this year it is different, oh it looks like he is coming out with a packet in his hand, it’s wiper blades. Fingers crossed!

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