Porsche 911 Le Mans Classic Clubsport: A spectacular restomod … at the price of GT2 RS

If you are someone who prefers the charm of a classic Porsche 911 instead of the extreme brutality of the modern Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the specialist Paul Stephens has what you need, in the form of Porsche 911 Le Mans Classic Clubsport, a limited edition that will haunt the 250,000 pounds.

Created in collaboration with Peter Auto, organizer of Le Mans Classic, this work of art with nine – tone shapes will make its first appearance in the aforementioned French event, today. At the moment we know that only ten exclusive units will be manufactured, and will not arrive until 2020.

Everything starts with an original Porsche 911 chassis, which is completely restored and adapts to Clubsport specifications , to leave it as if it were a new vehicle. They are added from bumpers or engine cover of composite material, to a lightweight aluminum hood, for example.

Inside it also looks very classic, with fabric and leather upholstery , hand-made seams, Momo handwheel, leather upholstery, aluminum footstool, watches with green background or fabric door handles also in green (a game with belts and mats). In addition, each unit will be delivered with a set of custom travel bags .

More than 300 HP and … air-cooled!

Bringing the model to life, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in around 4.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of over 280 km / h, there is a six-cylinder, 3.4-liter boxer engine, cooled by air and with around 300 CV. It incorporates ITB injection, own electronic management, RS specification camshaft, lightweight crankshaft, lightweight connecting rods, also lightweight flywheel or Getrag G50 gearbox with five gears together with a self-locking differential.

In addition, the specialist will offer customers the option to choose a Touring variant, with a weight of about 1,075 kilograms, or the most radical Lightweight, which manages to mark 970 kilograms on the scale, thanks to lightweight mats, absence of sound insulation or glove box, polycarbonate rear window (Lexan), manual operated windows, etc …

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