Technological innovations that revolutionize the automotive world

The technology and cars merge into a single being in recent years to offer a perfect ally when embarking on our road travel. Comfort and maximum security facilities are some of the many benefits that this union can provide.

The sector of the automotive industry is constantly updated to incorporate a short time technological innovation aimed at improving the experience of drivers on the road.

Since conversion technologies energy to drive the motor and by extension the vehicle itself, to applied technology can be driving as braking or traction control are some of these elements.

Technology has helped to strengthen security in our movements, an aspect that we must be mindful to avoid unexpected accidents that may endanger our own wellbeing.

In the latter we can contribute hiring car insurance we can provide the necessary financial support in case of collision.

Technological innovations that revolutionize the automotive worldNew technologies and automotive, the perfect union

Some of the technological innovations that will be maintained in 2016 and not only will enhance security in our movements, but also the operation and control of our vehicle are as follows:

‘In order to bet on greater sustainability, the automotive industry is equipping new vehicles the economy mode, a system that will disconnect all systems that are not essential and we do not use at the time of an automatic way.

Nothing is either negligible incorporation into the latest models of cars called curtain airbags, located in the area, just above the windows, as a complementary feature to vehicle safety. Thanks to this kind of accessories you can confirm, in case of collision, that head injuries are minimal for both the driver and other users of the vehicle.

Neither have we overlooked the presence of run-flat tires, a staple in most hybrid cars. This type of tires does not change their shape in case of puncture, thus allowing the user to drive 80 km.

-The System parking assistance allows the driver to Parallel Park with just put the foot around the brake and automatically will be triggered. This whole system is useful when there are many vehicles around or space is very limited, through a dashboard, whether or not to activate the system.

As data recorders, the black boxes are used in most cars with airbags. Through this type of function, the vehicle may show evidence of conduction velocity, location and details. With regard to auto insurance claim or legal issues, this feature is invaluable.

Something very common at the international level we find represented in navigation systems, which will guide the driving force of the vehicle from audible and visual indications. The driver only dials the destination and once selected, the system will take you to where you have indicated.

What is almost a reality is the automated driving, whose ultimate goal is to reduce the number of accidents. Although this type of attendees do not replace the driver itself will be notified and warn against possible hazardous situations.

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