What has a manual change to be so desired by some drivers?

Developments in the automotive world pushes us to go changing some things for others in favor of modernity. Left behind were the suspension of crossbows in favor of helical springs – in most vehicles – we changed the crank by a starter motor and we forgot the carburetors in exchange for the injection. Is leaving the manual shift behind the next step?

The use of automatic transmissions is increasingly widespread and are the most obvious choice of many manufacturers for their models sports , precisely because they are faster, effective and safer than a manual. Still, there is much driver who still want to be in charge of change and allow certain brands, although it is becoming less common.

What has a manual change to be so desired by some driversTwo or three pedals

Historically, in Europe we have always preferred manual transmissions, simpler and cheaper, unlike the United States, where automatic transmissions have always enjoyed great acceptance. While on our continent learned to drive with three pedals and a lever, Americans preferred to only two pedals. Why complicate?

Today, in the US the automatic changes are so widespread that it is even difficult to get a manual, which are practically reserved for models sports court -curiously there are European models offered with manual box there and not here, as the BMW M5 – or low – end utility. The vast majority of drivers use an automatic.

On this side of the pond things they are still not, but automatic transmissions more and enjoy greater success. Many drivers who prefer the comfort of one of these changes, and some even consider the manual change as something of the past, as we recently found by praising the manual gearbox of the BMW M2 coupe we’ve tested recently.

The vast majority of models of the European market, especially the offer in the compact segment, which is the most popular, are still associated serial to manual gearboxes, although it is true that almost all offer and an automatic change in option, either Double clutch, torque converter, a continuous variator or a manual robotised box, perhaps the cheapest option, which although it is not a traditional automatic, does the same function.

Where the thing is very different it is in upper segments, from luxury cars to the supercar, which complicated is that there is the option of a manual gearbox. Manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche opt for automatic transmissions, like Mercedes AMG or BMW M GmbH quattro, and there are few who maintain a manual gearbox in its bid, even as an option.

The advantages of an automatic change are many, from the speed or effectiveness transitions between gears, to the comfort (especially in town or in heavy traffic situations) or fuel consumption, which can be even lower than that achieved With one manual. Now, what about those who still enjoy changing gears? Where is the pleasure of changing oneself?

Some claim that cars today are too powerful to let a driver either have a clutch pedal and a shift lever.  It would kill “. We ask ourselves, is not it more likely to have an accident with a car that makes it easy for you to go fast and lets you drive at crazy beats, even with no idea of driving?

The pleasure of a manual box

If brands like BMW or Porsche sports models launched on the market with manual gearboxes it is precisely because there is demand for it is low . And it is precisely these models like the Porsche Cayman GT4 , the BMW M2 , M3 and M4 , or more affordable models like the MX-5 Mazda , Toyota GT 86 , Peugeot 308 GTi or Subaru WRX STi , to give some examples, favorites lovers of a good sports car with manual gearbox .

Who says that a sports car has to be only to run chronometer in hand? Some people prefer to lose tenths of the way and forget about time, in exchange for the satisfaction that brings the change gear, making a spike-heeled reductions or get a perfect output without the car has Launch Control and do all for you.

There are still those who enjoy a mountain pass without the need to roll as they do in the World Rally Championship. Not everything is lap times or pure performance. There are also driving sensations and however good they are, automatic changes there can never transmit sensations to the driver.

The future looks black for driving enthusiasts, it is true. The cars will probably have two pedals (those that have pedals) or will drive directly by themselves, relegating us to the role of simple passengers. Solution? None, rather than take advantage of the present and not think too much about the years to come. Moment … long live manual gearboxes!

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