When Mclaren took to the road

We’re are all used to seeing the Orange and blue formula one car of the Mclaren cutting its teeth on the Formula one circuits of the world. Until recently they were dependent on Mercedes, before the car manufacturer formed their own team, and gave Lewis Hamilton his first world title. Those with longer memories will recall the team’s glorious past with Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and the incredible Aryton Senna using Honda engines. With racing success came a new focus, to produce a road car that could rival their great opponents Ferrari and Porsche.  They have produced some of the most amazing cars to ever be allowed on public roads.

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The start of the Mclaren foray into the world of commercial cars has something of a legend attached to it. It seems that if team owner Ron Dennis and designer Gordon Murray hadn’t been delayed for a flight one time the concept would never have got off the ground. They came up with the idea of a supercar to challenge Ferrari’s dominance. The F1 released in 1993 was the answer. It was a calculated risk. The 90’s saw a sudden rise in demand for sportscars and the British marquee soon found it’s audience. One of its most innovative features was that the steering wheel was central with two seats either side. At two hundred and forty two miles per hour it was the fastest roadcar available. It proved so successful a race version was made that went on to win Le Mans.

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This was only the beginning. Soon a slew of these fuel injected beasts were made. Fuel injection is an essential part of the car’s performance and this is why a Injector Reconditioning Northern Ireland based firm is invaluable.

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