There’s so much more to a smile.

It has been scientifically and psychologically understood for many years that the way you smile, and the quality of that smile is beneficial to you in dealing with life’s ups and downs. A confident and winning smile can give you the edge in many social and employment situations.

A lot of our attention as human beings is centred around the mouth and what is does. It is sometimes not as important as the actual words coming out of it. Whether we are meeting someone for the first time, bumping into a causal acquaintance or even catching up with a long-term friend we are constantly observing them, sub consciously at least, and the mouth is one of the best ways to distinguish how that person is feeling or what their intentions towards us might be.

A smile is vital to you and for it to look its best the Belfast dermal lip fillers team at can help you gain that extra degree of confidence in your lips that you need to pull off that perfect smile.

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Our lips say so much about ourselves. For example, let us look at those with large puffy lips. They’re seen to have a very caring, nurturing side with strong parental instincts. In their youth you would expect these people to be always ready to help and assist people. They are always on the look-out for people’s best interests against their own and are the first on the scene in an emergency. It is thought that they will or do make great parents.

When the upper lip is larger than the lower lip then prepare yourself as this person is ready to create quite the drama. They are usually seen as charismatic and have the kid of personality that draws people in. They also have boundless amounts of energy so be prepared for quite a ride. They love having a laugh but beware as they are very much wanting to be the centre of attention.

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Ordinary lips. These individuals are very well balanced and are full of common sense. They are optimistic and enjoy life, but it must be balanced between that and the serious side of life. If you need someone to listen to you then they are the best people to seek out as they treat others with respect and value what you say.

No philtrum and high upper lip will make you a very happy person as you should know that these are some of the most reliable and hardworking people that you will ever meet. If you have a problem, then these people will provide you with a solution to get you through it. They are incredibly diligent and refuse to accept that something cannot be done. Where there is will there is a way should be their motto. They are also thought to be extremely punctual.

These are just a few examples. Pay attention to that smile!

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