What Makes Country Girl Belts Different From Ordinary Belts?

What sets country girl belts apart from ordinary ones? This style of the belt features an auto press buckle that locks automatically. This style does not have sewn-on teeth and can be adjusted according to the size of the wearer’s waist. To release the buckle, the wearer presses on it. Such style is suitable for formal occasions. It is a stylish and affordable accessory that is sure to turn heads.

Country girl belt buckles

Country girl belt buckles are not like typical belt buckles in design and style. Many of these buckles bear the emblem of well-known western brands. Many American auto manufacturers also have buckles with their logos on them. It means they are not only stylish but also luxurious.

Double side

Single and double side country girl belts have many advantages over single-sided buckled belts. These belts are often used for casual outings and can add a touch of style to your everyday ensemble. Double Side Country girl belts feature a reversible buckle so that you can wear them either way for a comfortable fit. In addition, this type of belt is the most versatile since it comes in many different colors and finishes to suit every occasion.

Auto press buckle

There are two types of auto press buckles – the traditional metal ones and the newer ones with auto presses. This belt’s release system makes it very easy to adjust its size without the hassle of unfastening the clasp each time you wear it. Instead, with the help of the buckle, you can quickly get the belt to the right fit and the right width. 

Skinny leather

A country girl belt with skinny leather is different than ordinary belts in many ways. They are much more attractive and flattering. These belts look great with jeans and pants with belt loops, but you should make sure that your pants are fitted before you purchase them. Belts with a narrower width may cut into the back. The skinny leather belt will also flatter your shape if you have an apple or rectangle body. The skinny leather belt will define your waist area and balance your bust line.


If you’re trying to find the perfect belt, look for embellished belts for women. These belts are great for defining your waist while balancing your figure. For example, contrasting colors on a pear body shape make it look longer, while contrasting colors work well for a rectangle. If you have an hourglass figure, match your belt color with your clothing. You’ll be amazed at how flattering this style can be!

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