7 reasons to use social networks in small business

In the hotel sector, the so-called digital transformation is already a fact, a reality. There are many examples of restaurants and hotels that thanks to the use of social networks and the Internet have improved their service and with it, productivity.

How can small business benefit from social networking. In this context where your customers are beyond their counter .What first it is to know how social networks move our users and interact with them.

7 reasons to use social networks in small business1. Build trust among customers

Trust is the basis of the sale. A satisfied customer will help to spread your satisfaction in our social network where we are exposed. This will increase the positive image on the Internet of our business. And it will invite potential customers to get closer to knowing our products or services.

2. The newsletter necessary to retain

Email marketing is a powerful tool for interacting with customers. Everyone has an email, it’s a direct way to get in touch because users do not change it often.

The template you receive our client should be attractive, easy to use and always accompanied by good news, offers, discounts, news.

3. Solve doubts through Facebook / Twitter

Through social networks, we can know the interests of our customers. If we have a children’s clothing store, we can clear questions about whether we will receive caps or gloves for them. The conversation should be as close as the one in the store and in person.

4. Instagram to show our exclusive products

Businesses know they can not compete with Amazon or Ebay, but they can showcase their exclusive products. For example, a jewelry store has the ability to teach its followers products like watches.

With this possibility customers save time by viewing from home calmly, product, features and price.

5. The union makes the force

Create a blog where we can write articles related to our industry, demonstrate our knowledge of it would be interesting to connect with our social network to expand information to our followers.

6. Contests and hashtags

Competitions are a low-cost formula that allows you to reach a good number of followers. We put the rules. Employing a hashtag that alludes to our trade, asking for a retuit and following us will be a good way to create a campaign to remain present among our clients and other potential.

7. YouTube, a video: a great opportunity

A success that can illustrate the use of this video channel, is the Grenadian tailor Bere Casillas, started with video tutorials showing how to tie his tie properly.

He knew that there was a need and he took advantage of it. So good was his host, who since his followers created a Facebook page in which they called tailor the appearance in a television program broadcast maximum. A few weeks later, he was interviewed in the Buenafuente program.

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