For Millennials, product quality premium over the rest of the brand values

Millennials are a niche market whose characteristics will differ significantly from the later generations.

It is particularly concerned about individuals. When it comes to defending their interests rather than be willing to revolution, they feel rather prone to involvement, to do their part in order to solve the problem. This denotes an attitude of dialogue, which must be reciprocated in the same terms.

Also, if a brand gets its preferential treatment, will show their affinity and commitment to it. According to data from the computer graphics, developed based on studies of Havas and Moosylvania, 45% of Millennials said that brands play an important role in their lives. A view shared by only a third of consumers 35 to 54 years, or 25% of those over 50.

For Millennials, product quality premium over the rest of the brand valuesWhat qualities are most valued brands Millennials?

The product quality premium over the rest of brand values (75%). 61% of these Millennials takes into account the recommendations of their peers, while for 53% it is important that the brand values fit yours (53%), which have similar interests (39%), or that your message is relevant.

As a result of this connection between the brand and the Millennials, they respond with actions such as follow on Facebook (59%), recommend it word of mouth (57%), and develop their sense of belonging to the same (44%) and encourage their loyalty (36%). Also, this brand engagement leads them to buy their products, both in the store (54%) and online (48%).

This makes them a very interesting target audience. In the US alone there are 74.3 million Millennials, which have a purchasing power of 170 billion dollars. Another feature of these consumers is its great attraction to technology and online media. Thus, on average, they have access to devices 7,1; they use to stay connected and currently informed (72%).

How can brands conquer the internet Millennials?

Millennials expect brands to provide them quality content with a playful purpose and entertainment (72%); with training (76%) and useful for their needs (45%) character.

60% of them consider that brands have an important responsibility in the creation of creative content online, compared with 52% of those over 35, or 39% of those over 50 years.

The data further shows that Millennials accept video advertising, as long as the content really relevant (79%). Again, the quality of content is a key element to reach the target audience.

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