Major Tools That an Appliance Technician Needs

A professional appliance technician must have several important tools to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair common household devices. If you’re in the process of launching a maintenance business, you’ll increase customer satisfaction by providing prompt and reliable services. In order to complete each task on time, you’ll need to invest in a few expensive supplies.

Security Bits

Since a typical technician must remove paneling to access vital operational components, security bits will be used during many maintenance projects. Different appliance brands will have unique screws and fasteners, so try to buy a product that includes a variety of security bits.

Magnetic Gadget

While removing screws from appliance panels, you may accidentally drop a vital component in a hard-to-reach spot. When this happens, a telescoping magnetic tool can be very helpful. For example, if a screw rolls underneath an appliance, you’ll be able to retrieve it by using the pick-up tool.

Voltage Pen

An AC voltage detector pen is a great safety tool because it helps technicians pinpoint electrical currents in appliances. Although a multi-meter can also detect AC currents, a detector pen is more convenient. When a voltage pen is used, you don’t have to disconnect any terminals.

Kevlar Gloves

In most cases, you’ll have to put your hands in confined spaces in order to reach different components. Most applications have a lot of sharp edges that surround key items. Without Kevlar gloves, you may cut yourself during the maintenance process.

Canned Air

Canned air will help you decrease the temperature of the bi-metal thermostat during a refrigeration repair project. When the thermostat is chilled, you’ll be able to check to continuity more easily.

Besides these tools, you may need other items as well, such as a turkey baster and gaskets. The turkey baster can be used whenever you need to clear a frozen drain line in a refrigerator. You might want to buy many gaskets since they’re found in vintage, modern, and energy-efficient appliances. By working with gasket manufacturers, you’ll be able to quickly find products that are suitable for different dryers and washing machines.

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