Persuasion and reputation, the great treasure of companies and brands

Reputation when it comes to surviving in social media is true that we can display an always active and expectant jungle. The Social Media is sensitive territory. If the reputation management and holds great challenges, let alone to “persuade” which means today is exposed, to be influential and consolidated as a reference.

Keys to be persuasive on Social Networks

To persuade need to develop skills that allow us to properly manage our actions, achieving transmit confidence to build community and with it, our brand.

Reciprocity, landing universal law

This action is an inherent part of the new model is the way in which we manage the growth of the network horizontally, that is how the model emerges as the only one rising employment figures, thanks to the production of reciprocity. And it should be “strategy” for brands. Deliver what clearly is a benefit to the customer and then invite you to continue to benefit, it is very efficient.

Trust to delegate, delegate to be more efficient, be more efficient to grow.

Persuasion and reputation, the great treasure of companies and brandsAnalyze competition in the social environment

Similarly when we talk about SEO and Web positioning analyze our competence and added value, the so-called “social proof” is necessary to assess competition in Social Media. A higher level of audience and interaction will be the most influential brand.

The number of tweets in an article, blog comments, tracking items proposed by the brand, the times shared … are very powerful influence on network indicators.

Empathy is also learned

Do we realize that social networks have achieved in a very short time become the “characters in the story”? … Today we are all empathetic, friendly, communicative, today … we are social.

We have already proven that you can live with less (material) but (social), which allows us to be more efficient. Learn empathy and networks help us, be nice is one of the best ways to “arrange” with users.

And be relaxed, the best way to build natural relationships is being oneself.Social networks give us the power of its virtual nature, take advantage of the comfort of our physical spaces, the freedom it provides to establish relationships where both parties interact comfortably.

Goodbye authority, hello leadership

The brands that are betting on dump their business on social platforms unidirectional and authoritarian way and seeking the benefit without providing any added value, they are in the process of extinction.

Today, to survive on social networks need to be a leader and the best way is to show the achievements that support the brand influence.

Do something unique, the best way to grow

Finding a niche or a development area in which our brand (personal or business) stand out, it is the best way to achieve visibility, be viral and become influential.

Back to the source; commitment and perseverance, (also learning)

This is where everything comes together during the connection process with social networks have implemented all the above actions, but for attaining maximum efficiency thereof (in order to become persuasive), the effort of compromise is necessary.

Be consistent in monitoring our network and meet commitments as a political brand conveys a clear message to our customers, “if something says it will do, will do”.

Finally, if we seek persuade social networks we need to be reliable (something that can not be faked) we must also talk to those who have needs and interests.

Social networks allow us to combine both options achieving our brand persuasive and influential. That is synonymous with good reputation is not it?

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