The lessons of traditional customer care that we can apply in Social Media

Receive adequate customer service through social networking is a necessity that consumers demand every day. Flagging probably still do not have the experience to enable them to function properly in this environment; however they do have enough background in face-to-face care.

An experience in which they can base when properly serve its customers, also through the online medium, since the base remains the same, and is reduced to:

Act immediately and decisive

Customers are directed to brands through social media expect a useful and effective response in less than an hour. This requires having the necessary resources, which means professionals who are able to act in a timely manner, and provide a solution.

The lessons of traditional customer care that we can apply in Social MediaManage peak workloads

It is more than usual to accumulate requests by customers, especially in high-demand services. The phone does not stop ringing, the inbox saturates and social mentions are everywhere. In this situation, it is important to prioritize and have a customer strategy that facilitates the processes in the management and resolution of requests. To facilitate the task in social networks, it will be very useful to have appropriate monitoring tools, thereby enabling always know the situation, and to sound the alarm for any problems.

Provide permanent information, 24/7

Some services require constant attention, so the company cannot ignore its responsibilities, sticking to a schedule or work schedule. Social networking has come to tear down time and geographical barriers, allowing customers demand the attention of brands at the right time and place where needed. A request that cannot go unanswered. 57% of customers think that the customer service of a company must be offered under the same conditions weekends, during weekdays. Implying react effectively and promptly. On Twitter, 53% of customers expect their peak response within one hour; 32% think that 20 minutes is more than enough time to act.

Provide a positive experience

This is important taking such significant details as the customer does not have to repeat again and again the problem through all departments; or being forced to contact the mark repeatedly, until finally getting an effective response. A fact that causes frustration in 65% of cases. A negative feeling which affects the deterioration of the concept that it has on the mark; a frustration that will not hesitate to pass on in their environment.

Keeping track of incidents of each client

It is advisable to have a history of each customer, in order to know if you had any other problems previously with the brand, or the evolution of the matter at that time he occupies. Thus the processing of their requests be streamlined, and avoid having to start from the beginning again and again.

Measure and analyze management

It is important to know the customer satisfaction index in each case. Thus, we can evaluate the quality of service provided and the effectiveness of the department.

Monitoring the quality of service provided and the effectiveness of staff

The company needs to know the effectiveness of its staff, the quality of their actions and ensure that their customer service department working properly.

Having a crisis plan and reputation management

Brands have a strategy for action in case of emergency, know who to call, what means have, or what responsible should make an appearance in each case. The same applies in the case of online media. The brand must have expected this kind of negative situations, and know how to act at all times; with the severity of social networks in the pace at which events pass it is much faster.

Humanize care by the company

Put a face and name to the caller to speak on behalf of the company. Customize attention is a great asset to win the customer from the start. Designate a person responsible for advocacy, contact the customer directly, and call them by name are basic questions to build confidence and ease their frustration.

Having experts in the field, to use them if necessary

It is a way to streamline the management of incidents, and provide an effective solution in a timely manner.

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