Tips to open a franchise

The current economic crisis has increased the possibilities of outsourcing, supply and various investment options in the system of franchises. We give some steps to grow your business when opening a franchise.

With more than 65,000 establishments, 350,000 workers and 1,080 brands, according to official data, franchises open the door to self-employment opportunities and allow undertaken under the protection of a recognized brand. This can help us to recycle our own business, or even out of a situation of unemployment.

Keys to open a franchise

A team player, self – organization or choose an area to provide us with some satisfaction are some of the clav points and the experts propose to us when lifting a franchise. In this area, the most successful businesses are those related to the world the aesthetic with prices relatively low investment. Franchised outlets of this kind we can find in the market are for example Opencel, which has more than 400 centers spread over two countries and a total of 6,000 people who rely on their services.

Tips to open a franchiseWhen opening this type of establishments we keep in mind what are the characteristics, performance, risks, commitments and essential items included in a franchise are. In this regard, it is appropriate to have an advisor from the beginning and during the process. Therefore, you have to remember that a franchise is a commercial contract between two independent entrepreneurs. Through their association, called franchisor gets to expand its brand and reduce cost structures. For his part, he called franchisee, in exchange for their investment and a percentage of the profits, including a branded business image and support.

The study and business planning will be key to start. Therefore, we have to perform a complete analysis of where investments will be made in addition to what will be their own abilities so that the company can operate. At this point you have to define the objectives, the sector at which to start the activity in question, to undertake a market study to determine the viability of the business, analyzing the human, financial and technical resources available and know the marketing plan stipulated by the franchisor to estimate the impact of advertising and investment.

With all this, we must determine the business concrete to which we will devote answer to what kind of company it might work and which one is best suited to the particular profile. To address the project also we need to have legal advice to confirm that the network is discharged in the register of Industry or verify that the mark is registered.

Do not forget to open a franchise is a significant outlay. Therefore, we must fix the financing needs and alternatives by which we can obtain the necessary cover capital.

Before that is done signing the contract corresponding, both parties can agree where the first contact should be evaluated, visit the center and learn in more detail what the business running. He also has to sign a lease or rental of premises that best suits our features to start working on our business.

On the other hand, it has to decide the legal form to be taken by the company, if established as an independent or as a corporation. Finally, when the contract is signed it will determine the legal relationship linking a franchisor and franchisee. Remember that in this contract should include the transfer of the trademark to the franchisee, providing continued assistance to the franchisee for everything within the contract period.

Have you assembled your franchise? How was your experience?

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