What are the factors that determine customer loyalty?

Getting a legion of loyal customers to the brand is the dream of every business. To do so, the quality of product or service offered stand out as the essential factors.

This is reflected in the study published by SAP SE, prepared by Ipsos on the factors that determine customer loyalty. As indicated, 75% of customers highly value the product and service. A conclusion which coincides with the results of the survey “Brand Loyalty Survey”, which specifies that customer loyalty, is not a matter of age or attends economic reasons; customers remain loyal to brands, apart from the advantages that they can offer for your pocket.

What are the factors that determine customer loyaltySAP data shows that the influence of the discounts and offers acts second, influencing over 41% of consumers. Also, only 30% of consumers consider if you feel identified with the values of the brand.

Interestingly, the findings of this study, few consumers take into account interactions with the brand and quality of customer service as important factors that foster their loyalty (18%). Something similar happens with the customer experience in dealing directly with the company staff (11%); an element that has the same influence as advertising (11%).

At this point differ from data provided by KANA, who indicates that a poor customer experience seriously damages their loyalty. This report shows that customer loyalty has been decreasing in recent years; especially because of the precariousness of the customer (25%).

Customers are always likely to buy products from the same brand. According to the results of the “Brand Loyalty Survey”, 61% of these customers prefer to always buy the same brand. His faithfulness results in the direct increase in sales for the company. These customers spend up to 4 times more than average at branded products, with purchases 13% higher than the rest, and with the triple frequency.

Therefore, the company must maintain its standard of quality, and strengthen their interest in the brand and its products. Importantly, these loyal customers react better than the rest before marketing activities, as long as the mark is to live up to your expectations, meet your needs, or displayed at the right time, solving a particular problem.

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