9 out of 10 Internet users use the phone to decide a purchase

Technological equipment and connectivity

The escalation continues to raise smartphone penetration levels reaching 87% of Internet users, which means 56% of the population. Continues the domain of Samsung (38%) versus Apple (13%), Sony (12%) and LG (10%), which operating systems translates into ubiquity of Android (79%), compared to iOS (13 %) and Windows (4%).

Internet access

The user accesses a mobile internet tablet or 2 hours a day, especially up in Mobile, where connections 4G already account for 25% of the market. App access via unauthorized access via browser is consolidated, keeping pace (7 out of 10 use both ways). Social activities remain the most relevant, gaining even more importance than in 2013, led by instant messaging (77% growth 5 points), followed by email (70%) and social networks (63%).

9 out of 10 Internet users use the phone to decide a purchaseMobile advertising: email and display

83% of mobile internet users access your mail from the phone at least once a week (5 points more than in 2013), and half see emails from brands and stores daily. Also, it notes that three out of 10 users later open mobile email on a larger screen. As for advertising formats, 1 out of 2 users click on ads, demanding a discount or directly access a page with more information.


WhatsApp is the present application in the consumer’s mind with 70%, followed by Facebook (50%) and Twitter (26%) in mobile. Instagram, YouTube and Chrome the highest increases in mobile this year.

Second Screen

90% of mobile Internet using mobile while watching TV, while 79% use the tablet, with the use of social networks and email the main activities in second screen. Comment TV content on social networks or instant messaging is already a habit for 26% of Internet users.


9 out of 10 mobile Internet users use it on occasion to decide on a purchase, looking for features, pricing and opinions. Almost half (45%) purchased directly through mobile phones, mainly in leisure, travel, electronics and fashion. Searchers, advertising banners and seeing it in an app, are the main stimuli.

As for payment on a property using mobile, there is still little penetration (8%), although many recurrence. Stresses payment in gas stations, supermarkets and restaurants.

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