A customer with questions leaves the online purchase process if not supported or immediate help

When an online customer need help or want to solve a question before buying, you want at the moment. How quickly the page can provide an answer will depend largely not only the shopping experience, but also to leave the cart or finally make the payment.

LivePerson surveyed over 6,000 online adults in the European markets of the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Japan, the United States and Australia.The results obtained suggest that the speed of online help and care greatly influence the process. 7 out of 10 consumers claims to be more loyal to a brand that has real-time assistance at critical points in the process.

In addition to the 80% of them their perception of the company improves if they access a live chat or a phone and draw from them a fairly impatient and demanding profile: If you cannot access the service in less than 76 seconds, i.e. just over a minute, they will choose another option or leave the page. For 72% of consumers it is crucial to communicate with the brand when they have questions.

A customer with questions leaves the online purchase process if not supported or immediate helpWhat are those crucial moments in which the customer cannot wait?

According to the study, 42% of users are more likely to seek such help when you are in doubt about any product they are considering buying. 30% say they need right assistance at the time of purchase, and another percentage need help when they have already made the charge and has had a problem with it. Only about 25% of respondents mentioned problems with access to your account before buying, as a key time when they need to have someone on the other side to resolve the situation lightly.

Of course, the quality of care they receive will greatly influence the online consumer experience: this is quick and offers effective solutions to the problems and questions that arise you through the buying process is one of the factors contributing, not only successfully complete the pocket, but the next time you return or recommend the brand to a third party.

There are many factors involved in a successful online experience but pamper every detail, judging by data LivePerson has its importance: 80% of those surveyed said they trust the most and would buy from an online store after an experience online positive. At the same time, an important part of those who have lived a bad experience, 45%, say they have abandoned their cart, and another 45% have lost confidence in the retailer in question.

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