Facebook and companies: Why create for your business a ‘Fan Page’

A Facebook page is essentially the same as a personal profile, except that itis the center of your business. This is where the members can be your fans and keep up with everything you’re doing with your business. You can also write on your wall, learn about special promotions you’re offering, you can upload photos, videos and communicate with other members, customers or future customers. 

Facebook and companiesWhat do Facebook for your business?

  • Put your business in front of new prospects and get new customers.
  • Improve the credibility of your business.
  • Help you connect with your community.
  • Grant a two-way communication with your customers.

Benefits of Facebook Pages

  • It allows multiple administrators.
  • You can have more than 5,000 friends, which is the limit on personal profiles.
  • They have statistics.
  • They are always visible to the public
  • Allow own content using menus.
  • Allow interactivity with iFrames, before FBML.
  • You can send notifications to the fans.
  • You can create ads for your páginaSe can make Contests and 
    give more dynamism to your business.

In addition, Facebook pages can easily be found with the search engine that provides you with the site, as they are visible to the public by default. You can also add a variety of applications to better meet the needs of your audience. Tips for designing effective pages While I do not go into the technical aspects of creating a Facebook page, we will see some basic tips that you should keep in mind when you are designing.

  • Customers come first : It is necessary that you make sure you are designing your page with your customers in mind, which means that each component of your page should offer value.
  • Do not overdo it : While you may be tempted to add all the applications that you find to optimize your Facebook page, remember that you want your brand stand out, and applications can complicate a bit at the beginning, for this reason, only because add them as you gain experience and according to what you’re already offering what you are asking your customers.
  • Post only topics related to your business : You must make sure that everything you post on your Facebook page is relevant to your business. Therefore, if you are promoting a product of ‘internet marketing’ “, you should not post about ‘How to get a date’. Similarly, if you continually upgrade the content of your page, you are giving fans a reason to return. Therefore, be sure to always publish new content.
  • Become an authority in your business : First, or Facebook page announces your business to the world, so you need to be seen as an authority in your field. Therefore, make sure you show your experience in the content you offer. At the same time, Facebook is a site of social communication, which means you must also show your personality. But you never stop acting like a professional.
  • The vote is critical to your success : The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the comments you receive through your Facebook page. In fact, you should encourage your audience by posting surveys, polls and discussions. This is very valuable because it can be used to improve your business. And do not forget that everything is free.

Do not forget, the most critical aspect for effective Facebook page, as with any other site where you have a web presence, is to publish relevant and interesting content. The more you updated with interesting content, people will have more reasons to visit your page and recommend it. Your work does not end when you’ve finished creating it, but only just begun.

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