No bandages, it adds value and usefulness through content

The current consumer receives daily hundreds of messages emitted brands to stand out from the great sea of data to which we are exposed in digital media. But not all successfully reach this goal.

In social media, identification and design of relevant content for users is essential. People expect their brands to provide and share useful content for them, otherwise we are talking about a post or a tweet of the bunch, which in most cases goes unnoticed, and others even worse, motivates UNLIKE or unfollow.

No bandages, it adds value and usefulness through contentBrands must have clear objectives of their presence in the digital media, and content is the engine to keep our social communities interested. useful, relevant and timely information makes people stay attentive to what the brand has to say, pay attention and are much more willing to share this with their friends.

A content strategy that focuses on the consumer and bring you value, that is also accessible, attractive, unique and fun, pass the speech to dialogue with his followers.

And this is precisely social media it is, people not want to be a wall of information for brands, the user wants to participate in the content they consume, wants to be the protagonist of the story, you want to feel identified based on her experiences, with its brands, also he wants to create stories about them and share them. And with this, a major challenge for companies arises: give greater power to consumers on creating content.This will involve a greater focus on meeting the needs of consumers and creating a shopping experience so positive that people want to share.

To talk about content management is necessary to highlight two fundamental aspects. The first, to identify that has value for our audience.The second, delivering this content attractively and depending on social channels suited to our target.

Let’s go first, what types of content are relevant to your followers? Identify how you want your audience? The first step to answer this is to listen to your communities and understand their information needs: About what you like to talk? What content prefer to share? Where they socialize and share information? How to share content? are some of the questions that we can begin to understand that seeks our target.

The following is integrate your brand into the conversation with users, without making them feel invaded. Design content attractive and different formats, depending on the channels which you post, remember that social networks have different characteristics and advantages, as well as profiles of different users: Infographics, User Guides, Whitepapers, E-books, articles, tips, Webinars, Microvideos are some examples.

Do not sell, adds value and utility. Humanizes your brand, make your social communities smile and want to share with others what you say.

Finally, do not forget that healing content and adequate monitoring of management communication, allow the brand strategy adjustment to the extent that the interests of the audience change.

Stop being a brand heap, designs and share valuable and become unforgettable for your consumer content.

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