Seven of the best apps for Financial Advisers

Financial advisers tend to spend time away from the office, meeting clients or travelling, which can make it difficult to stay on top of everyday office tasks. IFA software and other apps can help financial advisers to effectively manage their workload and provide a better service to clients.


Evernote is a virtual ‘filing cabinet’ that enables individuals to save Web pages, make notes, clip articles and share files across several different devices. Financial advisers can use the app to store tax and legal documents, quotations and other important documents.


Skype enables financial advisers to organise video meetings with clients at any time and in any location. It saves time and money spent visiting clients, and enables users to communicate face to face from any computer or mobile device.


This app allows individuals to move files around and access them from any device. Simply drop the file into a desktop icon and it will be available on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Retire Logix

Named as one of Money Magazine’s ‘100 Best Money Moves’, this handy interactive calculator shows how various sources of income could cover financial needs in retirement.


This app saves time and money by enabling PDFs to be signed on screen with a stylus or fingertip. Documents can then be distributed without the need for printing and scanning.

Web based software

Back office systems for financial advisers by intelliflo offer a complete software package, enabling IFAs to manage all aspects of their business while helping to increase profits and improve efficiency.

Bloomberg Mobile

Get instant access to financial information with this free app. Financial advisers can find the latest market news, stock quotes, analysis and more. Users can create custom portfolios of indexes and stocks they wish to monitor for their own purposes or on behalf of a client.

When it comes to IFA software , there are plenty of options to suit businesses of all sizes. Web based software specifically designed for financial advisers is a worthwhile investment that will help to get the most out of your business and free up time to concentrate on important tasks..

There are also numerous apps available to download that will help to streamline administrative tasks and provide instant access to financial news and other relevant  information.

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