9 Ways of Making a success

The Case Study is one of the most effective tools with which businesses have to attract new customers. Companies say how good they are, it is something customers expect and also, on many occasions, has very little credibility among them. But that is a third party, in this case another customer, who says how good they are products, solutions or services of a company, it is something we are all more willing to believe.

9 Ways of Making a successWhat is the situation we can raise write a success? Any sale we can make a success but obviously we risk not arousing interest. It is therefore important to look for those with whom we ensure we get a minimal impact. We can achieve this if it meets at least one of three conditions:

  • For a considerable volume of sales: A significant sale can always be a good claim for other customers.
  • Selling products / solutions / innovative services: A customer has trusted our company to buy / hire a product / solution / new service; it is a good reason to disclose it. This action will also help to publicize the new product / solution / service.
  • Customer recognized brand: Perhaps the sale has not had a significant volume and product / solution / service sold is not new, but if the customer has purchased has a recognized brand in the market, this fact will be sufficient demand for we encourage us to write a Case Study

What you always have to keep in mind is to have the customer’s permission and inform you that we intend to make it public. Failure to do so, we risk not only losing a customer, but also to have legal and reputation problems in the market.

Once we have success, what uses we can give?

  1. Success Story Journalistic depending on the interest that would awaken the case of Success, we can offer it to some media exclusively for publication.
  2. Press Release Write a press release on it and send it to the media for dissemination
  3. Corporate Blog Prepare a post on the Case Study will help us to provide interesting content to our blog.
  4. Corporate web do not forget to hang on the corporate website’s success stories. Perhaps this is the first place we visit potential customers.
  5. Social networks seize the opportunity to spread in social networks and “move” the link to the website where we hung the success, and the post we draft. This gesture will also help us to better position them both the website and the blog because it will increase the number of visits to these.
  6. Newsletter on our database another good way to spread is via e-mail to our database.
  7. Newsletter Internal informing our customers is important, but do not forget also keep all employees of the successes of the company.
  8. Commercial Department Prepare a flyer or brochure with Case Study for commercial can take in visits to make to customers.
  9. Working breakfast or seminars gather a group of potential customers to introduce our product / solution / service and invite the leading customer of our Case Study to speak. The attendees feel empathy toward him; it will be far superior to any speaker that can awaken our company.

In short, there are many uses we can give a success and can benefit directly from it, the Departments of Marketing, Communication and Sales.

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