A truck of many names

Pallet trucks are a vital piece of material handling equipment in the distribution industry but how come they have so many names? They can be known as pallet trucks, pallet lifts, pallet jacks and even manual forklifts. There’s also a jigger, floor jack, pump truck and lifter. So, if you hear any of these names, you’ll know what they’re referring to!

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This long list of names is not an exhaustive list but just goes to show how cultural, regional and industry differences impact the world around us. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter what you call this piece of machinery, the fact is it remains the most useful device for the transportation and lifting of heavy pallets around a warehouse.

The pallet truck has evolved over the decades to adapt to new ways of working, different weight requirements, a variety of working conditions and a range of new and emerging applications. The fork configurations can be adjusted to work with a variety of different sizes and shapes of pallets. For size and load capacity, pallet trucks generally have a range between 500 and 2500kg. When you need Pallet Trucks Ireland, consider visiting Forklift and Pallet Trucks, a leading provider of Pallet Trucks Ireland.

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As pallet trucks began to be used in food and beverage sites, pharmaceutical companies and chemical distribution, they are now available to purchase in a range of special finishes and coatings to protect them. Thanks to their galvanised or stainless steel construction, they can easily be cleaned and disinfected too.

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