Baking on the Business Park? Three Creative Ideas for Sun Protection

Business parks often have plenty of outdoor space where workers can enjoy the fresh air. These areas are perfect for relaxing at lunchtime, meeting colleagues for informal chats or having space to make a phone call. However, during the summer months they can become very hot, especially if there is no protection from the sun. It can also become uncomfortable inside the building if adequate measures are not taken to reduce the sun’s glare. Here we consider some creative solutions that provide protection from the sun and add to the overall look of the building.

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Fabric Structures

Tensile fabric structures are an innovative method of transforming the outside space and offer a convenient way of protecting workers from the sun. They can be custom-made to match the precise specifications of the area and give the space a clean and contemporary finish. Once installed, a fabric structure will give you protection from the sun throughout the year, reducing the harmful effects of the UV rays and creating a more comfortable area to work in.

Cool Inside

It’s not only outside where employees need protecting from the sun. The interior of an office building can also become oppressive if it’s in view of the sun for large parts of the day. There are methods you can employ, though, to reduce the impact on workers and make the environment more conducive to working. For instance, you could look at using special film on the windows that reflects the light and heat away from the building or fitting blinds or curtains that can be drawn to prevent too much glare penetrating in.

Flexible Sun Protection

If you don’t want to permanently have a covered outdoor area and you require more flexibility as to how you use the space, you should consider the use of a retractable roof structure. Retractable fabric roofs, such as those available at, give you even more flexibility from your tensile fabric structures. They enable you to choose whether to have the space covered or uncovered and can be combined with an innovative air-cooling system for added comfort.

Creating a functional outdoor space that can be protected from the sun will be a bonus for your office facility. It will help you to attract more businesses and give you an edge over other office complexes in the area.

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