Can solar panels benefit your business?

Running a business in Bristol is becoming increasingly challenging. Customers are becoming ever-more demanding, energy rates are continually rising and talented staff are hard to attract and retain. And yet the good days, when they come, propel businesses to continued efforts.
How solar panels can benefit your business

One way in which Bristol businesses can reduce their overhead costs is by investing in solar panels. Solar panel installers Bristol are, with increasing regularity, installing solar panels on the rooftops of commercial premises in a bid to reduce the buildings’ running costs and to make them more environmentally sustainable.

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There are many grants available to help cover the cost of installation, such as the West of England Growth Hub Green Business Grant. This covers up to 60% of the eligible costs of purchasing and installing a suitable system, up to a maximum of £15,000.

Choosing a solar panel system

Solar panel installers such as often undertake free site visits and quotations and will provide tailored advice and guidance to businesses considering investing in green technologies.

The fundamental requirements with which a business must conform are that they must be established and financially stable, able to supply 12 months of electricity bills and be legally entitled to rent their roof space which must be structurally sound and safe.

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Why solar is great for business

The modern consumer cares about the environment and the impact on the planet of their purchasing decisions. By investing in green technologies, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, increase their reputation and offset the carbon generated by the manufacturing and shipping of their products.

They can also save a considerable sum of money by reducing their reliance on the National Grid, instead generating and storing their own energy from natural sources.

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