Companies are prepared to face the challenge of Christmas Customer in Social media

Christmas is approaching, the streets are filled with colored lights, the houses are adorned with wreaths covered with trees and everything is flooded with that atmosphere of happiness and enrollment, better known as the Christmas spirit. This fun and festive character is also transferred to malls who, despite the cold, have the firm intention of making a killing in the middle of December.

For some Christmas is the season of the year’s biggest sales. At this time consumption soars in all sectors, from food to travel and, of course, any product or service that could be presented as a gift.

Companies are prepared to face the challenge of Christmas Customer in Social mediaAnd it is that Christmas is synonymous with gifts, which makes customers squeezed in shopping malls in search of the perfect detail, the ideal, the desired, or all is said, the best price. The online trade is also triggered, given its convenience and ease to find what they seek, compare prices and delivered directly at home.

At this time the establishments cram customers vying for the attention of the clerk on duty, the seller or the wizard, in order to resolve that doubt or specific circumstance arising at the last moment and prevents back home satisfied with our brand new acquisition.

A situation that, contrary to what is desirable, generates more frustration than joy, because sometimes the defendant product is not, the client fails to find it, or, once acquired, it does not meet expectations. In this case, the customer is forced to reconnect with the company, and cross your fingers that all conditions are met for their issue is resolved in a timely manner.

Under this circumstance, the customer has several options, from physically in person at the company, to resort to other traditional ways such as sending an email or desperate phone call and even to the most innovative, opt for networks for the desired response .

Therefore, it is ideal for companies to demonstrate their dedication to service and firm determination to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction time and to show agility and ability to deliver solutions. They have been given the opportunity to win customers and build trust, loyalty prior to the step. To do this, companies need to have some aspects quite present. Among them, the need to design and provide a clear strategy of customer, have qualified personnel for this purpose, improving the flow of internal communication and of course, the rapid response is crucial to provide satisfactory service.

It is time for companies to prepare to face the challenge of Christmas Customer in Social Media, all this without forgetting the other channels that customers and consumers use to contact companies and brands.

In front of the customer service department 2.0 must have qualified personnel, who knows both the nature of social networks, such as how to respond to address the requests of consumers. Therefore, you have to master the tools, be diligent and communication have to be able to react appropriately at all times skills. Its purpose is to achieve satisfied customers, both with the company and with the service.

A dissatisfied customer is a great danger for brands. Its consequences result in customer loss in the first instance (15%), although customers still show benevolent, giving a second chance to the company. The study published this month by SDL reflected that 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a positive experience. 75% also expects the brand ensure the same quality of service across all channels and points of contact with the brand.

Therefore, companies are facing at this time a great challenge to be overcome; an effort which another party can get a hearty party, in terms not only of sales but of trust, reputation and image for the brand.

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