Do you know how to pack a parcel for delivery

Similar to luggage at an airport, sending a parcel through any Same Day Courier Reading way such as UKTDL indicates that before arriving at its destination, the parcel would pass through a network of hubs and depots.

To ensure the item fits with enough room around it, the box would have to be big enough. Use a new box, as a used box can weaken over time and the chance of damage to the object must be reduced. Boxes in either double or single walled cardboard are available. Boxes measuring more than 30 cm square or holding an item weighing more than 5 kg have to be double walled as a norm.

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Wrap the piece, like bubble wrap, in protective material to cushion it along its path. Place plenty of packing material in your box fully around the products, such as packaging peanuts, to reduce movement in transit. It is necessary to make room for the expansion of air-filled items such as air pockets if your parcel is intended to be shipped overseas. Close up your box with good quality tape by sealing around all the sides. Double box the item using a bigger box and more packaging material if the item could do with more protection.

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Now your parcel is ready for the address label to be added. As each has its own specifications, this is dependent on the carrier business. Some firms ask that barcoded address labels be printed at home, while the packages themselves are barcoded by others.


It is best to stick two labels to your package, and a courier will then be able to receive them.

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