Expiring domain names may be auctioned off

It can be difficult to find a fitting domain name for your website but this can be made all the more frustrating if a name that you particularly want is unavailable as it is expired. However, there are resolutions available in regards to this issue. Domain Name Wire.com covered the consideration from Nominet – a registry website that handles .uk domain names – to present an auction model that could be utilised for expired and expiring domain names.

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Should expired domain names be auctioned?

Nominet’s introduction of an auction of sorts is said to have come about following customer feedback. Nominet conducted this study last year and asked users about making the whole process more accessible -such as making it easier to understand how to register domains as well as how domains expire – allowing users who perhaps aren’t as knowledgeable on the subject to still obtain their chosen domain name. The customer feedback was in favour of this transparency and because of this response, Nominet are now also considering whether to auction off highly contested domains, or just change the way these domains are released in general.

What are the benefits?

Auctioning off expired domains seems like a pertinent idea that is already utilised by other web hosting services. If you’re a small business here’s some advice on how to get started with a domain name – https://smallbusiness.co.uk/getting-setting-up-domain-name-2547499/.

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The option of auctioning off expired domain names opens up a new opportunity for those trying to establish a website, whether it is a brand name for a business or a personal project. From the feedback from their initial user study, it would seem that having more transparency in their options regarding domain names is a popular ideal for consumers. Allowing for the buying of expired domain names is definitely a clearer option in regards to customer service, giving users another avenue to pursue a domain name that may have once been unobtainable. With that being said, there are always opportunities for users to try and discover their own domain names too with various websites offering services to help find one and set up their website too such as https://www.names.co.uk/web-hosting.

Nominet’s consideration of this auctioning plan – or “Economically controlled access to expiring domains” – is certainly an idea that could positively affect those who have yet to find the right domain name.

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