Five main services that courier companies offer

When you run a business, it’s extremely important to have a courier that you can rely on. Here are the five main services that a courier company will typically offer:

1. Same day or express courier service

Businesses often require a same day courier Milton Keynes or elsewhere in the UK, and this is typically the service most commonly used by clients. An express service like this means that your delivery will be sent and received on the same day.
This is particularly important in cities where documents or other goods are transferred throughout the day. The same day courier Milton Keynes or Manchester is also popular with e-commerce businesses, florists, food delivery services and other providers of perishable goods who need to know that their products will be received quickly by the customer.

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2. International courier services

Many delivery companies also offer international courier services to transport items between countries, whether those are goods or documentation. The courier will ensure that the right form of transport is used to meet budget and time constraints.

3. Overnight courier services

These are ideal for next day delivery services, or for goods that need to be at their destination before a certain time the following day. The courier will usually transport them overnight or in the early hours of the morning. They tend to be cheaper than same day services but offer a very similar time frame for businesses where speed is of the essence.

4. Warehousing services

These services give companies full control over their goods and products, with managed storage warehousing solutions, plus picking, packaging, dispatching and delivery. These add-on services can offer a great deal of value to client businesses who don’t want to manage these services directly in-house, and who can save money by buying them in.

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  1. Pallet courier services

    These services are designed to be affordable and a great way to transport pallets between businesses and customers with ease.

    With these courier services, businesses can help to build a resilient, strong and ready business that meets customer needs with efficiency.

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