Health and Safety Considerations for Planning a Large Event

Health and safety are an essential factor that must be considered prior to deciding to host a large event. Whether the event is a business conference, school function, community fair or concert, it is imperative to plan and prepare for health and safety issues in advance. While some organisations may choose to self-regulate in terms of the planning and organisation of their event, it is usually inadvisable to leave such decisions to the event organisers themselves. In most instances, there will need to be a committee involved in planning your event as they will have more input and be best placed to address any health and safety issues that arise.

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It is also advisable to delegate safety duties to a person in your organisation who has a lot of experience in this area. There are a few safety professionals within all organisations and often it is not necessary to hire an extra staff member specifically committed to health and safety matters. If possible, a dedicated health and safety officer or a member of your organisation’s security staff should be required to oversee all large event planning and management including hiring of contractors and to provide on-site support. When delegating safety responsibility to an organiser, it is important to ensure that all details are ironed out prior to the event so as to minimize future liability. For information on Medical cover for events, visit Private Paramedic Services, a provider of Medical cover for events

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It is advisable to attend any pre-concert meetings of related organisations and familiarise yourself with applicable health and safety rules and regulations prior to the planning of your event. This will not only help with compliance but will also put you in a better position to negotiate with authorities during the event if problems do arise.

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