How can a bookkeeper support your business

If you find that as a business owner or a sole trader you are spending more and more time trying to keep on top of your business finances, you might find that it is time to consult with a Bookkeepers Hereford way to see what services that can provide. Here are some of the ways that a bookkeeper can support your business.

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  • Financial Transactions – a bookkeeper can help to record and monitor the financial transactions that take place across your business. This can include recording your sales, expenses and payments. This helps to ensure that the business financial records are kept up to date which can in turn help when it comes to filing company and tax returns and can also help to ensure that the owners of the business are aware of the businesses financial position.
  • Reconciliation – this process of reconciling bank statements helps to ensure that all transactions have been recorded correctly and can help to identify any discrepancies. Again this helps to ensure that the business’ financial position is as accurate and up to date as possible.

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  • Payroll – if you have employees that you need to manage payroll for, a bookkeeper can help to manage this for you.
  • VAT – if you are VAT registered you will need to file quarterly returns and a bookkeeper can help to do this. They can submit the returns to HMRC and ensure that you are claiming and paying the right amounts of VAT.

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