How Does Colour Impact Branding?

A lot of business owners do not know how colour impacts branding. This is because most brands are developed in black and white and as a result they have the same meaning.

However, branding needs to be thought about from several angles because it is not just a physical representation but also an emotional one. One of the things that people tend to forget is that colour can actually distract from your message rather than adding to it. This is why you will find that if you want to make sure that people understand the organisation’s mission then you should use a colour that reflects this accurately.

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Colour is particularly important when it comes to food industry logos and marketing and a good Food PR Agency will take imagery and colours very seriously when it comes to creating copy for their clients. They will consider the lighting and any background colours that are displayed as well as looking at the colours in the company logo and how these are perceived.

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For example red will always be thought of as being aggressive but if you apply this to your logo or have a slogan printed using red you should be able to help people associate this with your company. At the same time you will be able to use different shades of red to make this more appealing. There are of course other colours that can have this effect such as blue and yellow, which will almost certainly have a calming effect.

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