How Generation Z has impacted online brands

In marketing and branding, there has always been one constant element, change! Everything is shifting and developing from how and where we distribute personal and business messages to increased competition in the market, and this has never been more relevant than when Generation Z continues to mature, make and impact purchase decisions. Getting a Brand Design Agency to help is a great idea

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These are the kids born after 1995 and up to 2010. They don’t know anything about searching for a teletext holiday or lugging a bag of books to the library to get access to a computer, and it would seem ridiculous to be unable to shop one day a week. For them, on any number of computers and devices, data is at their fingertips 24/7.

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They are also a generation, according to the social commentators, which seems to only have known confusion. From declining house prices, extremism and social unrest, they  have seen it all. This has also made them much more knowledgeable about their cash and how they want to spend it.

Access to both positive and negative peer feedback from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seems to have made Generation Z far more optimistic than any flashy marketing campaign about what actual buyers think about a brand. Through a collection of labels and products that they feel an affinity with, and believe in, it reflects their personality. Brands are more about creating their own personal statement than any deep-rooted loyalty to one brand label.

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