How to conduct an effective fire drill

Any business owner should take fire safety seriously. You can do everything you can to ensure the safety of your employees by ensuring that your emergency procedures and risk assessments are adequate.

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Regular fire drills are important to ensure that the procedures you have implemented work and people know what they need to do in case of an actual alarm. These drills are not the same as checking your fire alarms or break glass points regularly. Fire drills simulate what would occur in a real-life fire without any actual fire risk. You will have to ensure that your fire marshals perform their duties in a fire drill. All staff members will be required to evacuate the building at the fire escape point. A Visitor Management System is important for fast access to information about who is on site and where. For Visitor Management System, visit Ofec.

Most companies run these exercises on a regular basis, but they must be done at different times and days to ensure that all employees and visitors are covered. These drills are often conducted after the hiring of new employees to make sure they know the proper procedures for evacuation in the event of a fire. They should be included in the staff induction pack and discussed by their line manager, or person responsible for the safety of fires.

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It is best to conduct a fire drill every year, but more frequently if you are in a manufacturing or school environment. After you have conducted your fire drill, it is important to record the results. Any issues should be noted and remedial actions taken.

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