How tree roots can damage your drains

Drains are incredibly important in our daily lives as they take away the rain water that collects in our streets and removes the waste water and products from our homes. It is one invention that has helped to improve the health of people across the world. Drains were first developed by the Romans and then the Victorians. We have further adapted them over time.

It is important to ensure that you keep your drains working as effectively as possible and if you find that they aren’t flowing as well as they used to, you might want to consult with a Drainage Cleaning company. One issue that can arise is that of tree roots damaging the pipes below the surface of the soil as they grow and penetrate them.

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They can have a major effect on the efficiency of transporting water to and from a home. If  the roots of the trees reach the pipe and penetrate its outer casing it can be big trouble. They can produce a large mass in the pipe which blocks its ability to work correctly which then causes flooding again during heavy rainwater. Leakage and pipe clogging is made worse by things such as fats, oils, sanitary products, and wet wipes that find their way down the drains.

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Clay pipes, because of the distance in the relation between each part of the pipe, clay is very susceptible to the entry of roots. New plastic piping can also be susceptible to root destruction and studies show that rubber seals connecting plastic piping are susceptible to breakages  from tree roots under the strain that is put on the joint areas.

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