Six ways a coach can help your business

If you are considering hiring a business coach, you’re in good company, with an estimated 84% of mid-large size businesses in the UK using a business advisory service.

According to the Financial Times, a business coach is an essential service, especially ‘executive coaches’ who offer tailored advisory services to CEOs. Here are six ways a coach can help your business.
A look at your business through unbiased eyes

Having someone look at your business from the outside and without rose-tinted glasses can be incredibly beneficial. Business employees and board members have a history with your organisation and their own interests. A Stroud business advisory is interested in giving you an honest opinion of your current practices.

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Impartial advice

As well as giving an honest assessment of your business, a business advisory service such as will also give you impartial advice. Having difficult conversations with your board or staff may be made easier if the advice being given is seen as impartial.


A reputable business advisory service will also have experienced staff who understand your sector and business model. This is something you should ask about before engaging a firm.


Having a reliable and impartial source of guidance and support can help manage stress and difficulties in senior leadership, and can even be a lifeline for some businesses.

Education and growth

Investing in an advisory service is investing in the future of your business and growing yourself as a leader. The advice and guidance offered by a coach can greatly improve senior leadership decision-making that lasts a lifetime.

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Having an impartial observer and advisor can also mean greater accountability for senior management to affect change in a business.

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