The rise and rise of Aircraft

Around less than a century ago even the fastest ship took more than seven days to cross the whole Atlantic Ocean. Today large passenger planes (jet airlines) can make this 3000 mile journey in less than seven hours, not even a day.

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Aircraft are the fastest way to travel; they saw straight over any obstacles e.g mountains and rough seas. Robust jet engines help to make the fastest combat aircraft to reach speeds of 2000MPH which is 3 times faster than the speed of sound. Ordinary jet riders actually fly at more than 850 k M. Modern day aircrafts are full of advanced technology and this helps them to fly more safely and economically at a greater speed. Reformed electronic navigation helps keep the airplane on its course to go wherever it is going around the world, to help cut fuel costs computer designed wings are used to get the maximum aerodynamic Airframes, which are also known as aircraft bodies. These are usually made out of metal alloys and plastic composites that are pretty lightweight but are actually quite strong. To get the angles correct Bending Machines like those from Cotswold Machinery Sales are used to get them exactly right.

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The airplane has opened up the world to the possibilities of cheaper and quicker tourism plus it has meant that trade and commerce can happen to a much greater degree. Planes have truly shrunk the world.

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