What is an employer brand and why does it matter?

Employer branding helps to secure a business’s reputation amongst prospective employees as a top employer with an outstanding reputation. The cultivation of an employer brand helps to ensure that employees are top-ranking and motivated.

An employer brand should be consistent with a business’s values and people management¬† and helps influence the current workforce’s opinion of the business and what working for them entails.

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Benefits of an employer brand

A healthy company brand ensures that a business has the leading edge when attracting prospective employees who have remained undecided between companies.

Successful employer branding creates savings on costly PR as the company will already be viewed in a strong positive light.

An employer brand can improve staff retention figures, as top staff remain loyal to the company for longer when a clear career development route exists.

An excellent reputation allows organisations to attract top talent without the need to pay top wages, equating to employer brand savings in the long term.

Good employer branding creates a diverse and mixed workforce with employees from every background.

A referral procedure for open roles amongst those already employed creates connections, opportunities, and advantages.

Savvy employer branding ensures the attraction of young talent between the ages of 18-34 years.

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How do I develop an employer brand?

Brand strategy agencies are a useful resource in helping businesses to get started with their employer branding. A brand strategy agency such as Really Helpful Marketing assists businesses in formulating their employer branding ethos. This allows a company to have a competitive edge over similar businesses, using varying strategies such as fundraising, financial services and management consultants.

Up to 75% of prospective candidates prioritise a company’s reputation when seeking out new positions. Even though an employer brand is not a tangible asset, nevertheless it is an asset in which it is worth investing time and attention. By doing so you can ensure that your organisation has the very best talent working to develop and contribute to the business for a long time to come.

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