What To Do Before a New Tenant Moves In

If you are a landlord, and after a while of searching for a tenant, you finally found one, well done! There are some things you have to do before they move to ensure that you are fulfilling your end of the contract, so you are not breaking the law, and so your tenant won’t have any complaints when they move in. This essential preparation will prevent problems in the future that could turn out to be rather costly.

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The first thing you have to do is make sure that your property is safe. It must have a working and tested smoke alarm on each floor and a carbon monoxide alarm. You can buy one and install it yourself or get a home safety assessment done where you get alarms installed for you if you don’t already have some.

You also need to get the boiler serviced before they move in. I recommend Belfast-gas for Boiler Servicing Belfast. It is against the law to leave your tenants without hot water and heating, so this is a must. Moreover, it will prevent having to pay for an emergency plumber to visit the house when problems occur in the future, so get your boiler checked.

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Next, you’ll need to protect the deposit of the tenants. There are many organisations you can use to do this but make sure to find one that is reliable and trustworthy with good reviews.

Lastly, do an inventory of all the furnishings and household items already in the property so that you can check when their tenancy finishes, that everything is still there and in the same condition.


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