5 signs your home needs rewiring

Do you suspect that your home might need rewiring? Has it been an age since your lighting was updated? Here are some telltale signs that you might need to carry out some updating of your electrics:

  1. Flickering

Are you experiencing flickering or dimming of lights? If you’ve recently changed the bulbs so know it’s not that, it could be that your lights are receiving too much voltage or not enough. When you know it’s not a bulb issue, there is most likely a fault in the circuits or loose wiring causing the problem. After rewiring, install new lighting fixtures and a Ceiling Rose. Find a range at www.creative-cables.co.uk/2648-ceiling-roses

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  1. Blown fuses

As we increase the amount of technology and appliances in our homes, older fuses simply can’t cope as they are not designed to handle this amount of electricity. This will result in regular blown fuses. Consider upgrading to a more modern circuit breaker.

  1. Outlet sparking

Sometimes this happens normally but this can also be a sign of a more serious problem. When outlets start to short circuit, too much heat is present which could lead to insulation melting. This increases the risk of electrical fires occurring.

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  1. Burning smell

Any smell of burning, no matter how faint, should give cause for alarm. If you cannot find the source of the smell, it could be happening under the floor or behind a wall. You should call an electrician right away.

  1. Electric shock

If you receive a shock when you touch a wire or cord, a home safety inspection should take place as soon as possible.

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