Content strategies companies gain in professionalism and specialization

Companies have increasingly present content marketing within its communication strategy. The report on Digital Content Strategy, presented by Econsultancy shows that organizations increasingly devote more resources to this area, and also have specialized personnel.

The study shows a greater professionalization of the sector, which implies a higher degree of sophistication in planning and organizing content marketing strategy. Which positions the Content Management as a discipline booming.

46% of companies said they have staff dedicated exclusively to the content strategy. Meanwhile, 23% plan to incorporate this figure within his department in the near future.

Content strategies companies gain in professionalism and specializationAmong the factors that Econsultancy attributed to the favorable development of the strategy contained within companies include:

  • Greater importance of content and their dissemination, betting on quality and orientation of the message.
  • Segmentation and specialization when choosing the channel, time and tone of communication.
  • The importance of analytics, in order to optimize the delivery and publication of content and measure results.
  • A commitment to generate high-impact content, able to generate emotions and provide positive experiences that translate into actions.

All this is the result of the maturity of the sector and the vital role of this factor within the overall strategy. The II Study of Activity of Marks Social Media, published by IAB late last month indicated that brands now produce more content in social media. The evolution has resulted in a commitment to quality over quantity of published content also making greater segmentation of the message. An activity that has resulted in an average growth of 181% of the community around the brand, compared to 2012.

The future of the strategy contained within the marketing plan of the organizations is to continue betting on the professionalization and specialization of those responsible for this area. Through development of skills and competencies oriented planning, coordination and implementation; without losing sight of the main objective: to create truly extraordinary pieces that move to action.

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