Email marketing potential claims against the rise of social networks

The e-mail marketing has not only not old fashioned, but continues to maintain a significant advantage over social media in terms of effectiveness. The study published by McKinsey & Company indicates that the mailing is up to 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter together.

One reason for its success is its high penetrating power, along with specialization and purification techniques employed. Thus, 91% of American consumers check their mail daily, and thanks get personalized offers, focusing on products of interest; one of the key factors to encourage conversion. A fact that has led him to maintain their levels of effectiveness, although the the mail fell by 20% between 2008 and 2012.

Email marketing potential claims against the rise of social networksMoreover, compared with the decline in the use of mail, the data reflect an increase in the number of e-mails sent each day, forcing marketers to use all the tools at its disposal, in order to affect the target audience and encourage conversion. Forrester collected only US States last 2013 sent no less than 838 billion e-mails.

A job well done has its results. Data from Williams-Sonoma indicate that personalization of the shares of e-mail marketing, targeted based on user behavior on page and interest in some specific products has led manufacturers to increase 10% rate answer.

This adaptability has led to the effectiveness of the actions of e-mail marketing is up to 3 times higher than social networking, with the ability to generate a 17% increase in AOV (Average Order Value). The study published in August by Custora indicated that buying customers coming to retailers raised through e-mail marketing exceeded 11% average, while Facebook were in this average and the amount of purchases generated thanks to Twitter were 23% lower.

Definitely the e-mail is no longer that message saturating the recipient’s inbox, whose subject was cold and impersonal; but it is a custom shipping, focused on the interests of the target audience, offering a discount on what what has shown interest in buying and eventually ends up making you decide.

Guidelines to optimize the actions of e-mail marketing

To encourage conversion, the design of the shares of e-mailing must go beyond opening the message. We agree that the issue of shipping must be interesting enough to capture the recipient’s attention and get them to click on the message. But what happens from here? We cannot direct the client to the Web Store, without more, but should design a specific landing page for the campaign, in order to encourage conversion.

The increasingly important mobile users. ExactTarget indicates that more than half of these mails and opens in smartphones and tablets. In contrast, 42% of marketers do not use the responsive design for your shipments, or as much in some isolated cases. A fact that causes 61% of users avoid revisiting the site of a brand that is not optimized for mobile phones (61%);in addition, 40% choose to go to the website of the competition.

Each new action is an opportunity to improve. Hence the importance of analyzing every step, every element of the strategy, with the highest degree of detail. Information that can be shared between different departments involved, in order to practice the sharing of knowledge, and joint efforts to improve.

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