Evangelists brands and customers: Allies influence on social media

All seek to be influential, that’s great news would not you think? If we think in terms of marketing, branding, advertising, ultimately … through the prism of promoting who we are and what we do to satisfy you, by which the new company guidance, seek influence is the best compromise we can purchase with the new social order.

We move by a slowdown in corporate earnings. Increasingly, companies are made up of individual units of work, thanks to new technologies are integrated from the comfort of their homes to a full team after delivering their contribution (expert) for growth brand they represent

Clearly, the quality of individual shares exposed as part of the added value of what we do, capture the attention of our target audience making us more visible and influential.

If we accept the above as an example of the current scenario, we can realize that it is not possible to exploit the advantages provided by the Net, but is building an individual influence in association with others.

Evangelists brands and customers Allies influence on social mediaThe apostles and evangelists customer’s brands require co-creation and cooperation of the companies with which they are linked

Reaching the consumer experience is possible only through the union of influences, what triggers the emotion of the link and transforms the customer (internal or external) apostle of our brand. This is no small matter if we think that the influence associated with our brand, personal or business is obtained by analyzing the influences of those with whom we interact.

The new consumer rejects any traditional, massive and invasive strategy, that is not the communication and constant interaction and offer an “emotion”. Certainly, the giddiness with which the model advances always leaves us exhausted, it would seem that loyalty and evangelize, it is closer to being the same. If we seek to be an influential brand, we need our apostles.

The “boss” to “leader” back to humanity

The new consumer needs guides to show the way toward specialization, leaders instructed the emotional benefit you get from your relationship with the brand, professionals ultimately to be able to extract their passions for the brand, it has the answers.

Obviously to achieve an influential brand apostles and need for it, we must seek his excitement, provide them with the information they need to develop their own creativity and be responsible commitments. The leader always gives example!

Apostles and consumers, our brand is in your hands

The apostles or ‘evangelists customers’ are beginning to be more than allies, becoming an indispensable part in the development of strategies and plans of enterprises. Having a community supported by our apostles is the most effective marketing action that we can implement if we build an influential brand.

We are in the cycle of humanization, lest we forget and it must start with a reinvention of the policies of our company, focusing on values and building trust, are now the pillars supporting today’s influence and always bearing in mind that growth comes only from the hand of a team of influencers rowing towards the same goal. Though sounds utopian, this is how it works, we need our apostles to be influential!

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